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Dear everyone:

Brush your teeth. Floss your teeth. Use mouthwash. Go to the dentist at least every 6 months.

I need two teeth extracted, and four root canals.

Combination of sugar rich diet, lack of dental care in the last 5 years, and the fact that I grind my teeth at night.

Having a cracked molar suddenly start coming out in pieces is very disturbing. Especially first thing in the morning.

And the Tooth Fairy doesn't come when you're 24.
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Got the job at Sears (Yay!). I'm a merchandising and pricing associate. Basically, I stock and restock, set up and change displays and signs, clean fitting rooms, fix price tags and help customers. It took three interviews, but I apparently impressed the second one with my "positive attitude" so much that the GM didn't even make me do the third set of interview questions. I had to do my drug test Friday, which caused a minor panic when I realized the salad I had for lunch had poppyseed dressing (which I then remembered was nasty and I avoided). I start orientation next week, starting off part time at $8/hour. I'm also going to probably be working this year on Black Friday. That's going to be an adventure.

My dad's making overprotective noises about me working til as late as 10:30 at the mall (which is referred to on Yelp as the "ghetto mall"), so my first task will be to, in lieu of getting all afternoon/early evenings shifts, befriending my largest and most intimidating coworker.

The kid turns 5 and enters kindergarten this week. I got him the Schoolhouse Rock DVDs. I really hope he makes lots of friends and school helps him mature up a bit (he still cries a lot, and he has a terrible case of "not wanting to try ANYTHING himself-itis""

Doctor Who starts up soon, then Once Upon a Time, Fringe, Community, Dexter and Parks and Recreation. I'm planning on giving Revolution, Chicago Fire, Last Resort and maybe Nashville all a shot. We'll see what sticks.
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Got my third interview tomorrow morning at Sears with the manager. A good friend said "sounds like as long as you don't have a breakdown in the middle you'll be good". Here's to hoping- I REALLY need a job. Fingers crossed.

Also, these trips to the mall have revealed a disturbing manner in which my college experience has corrupted me. I am actually very soothed by the movement of a public bus. The bumps, the sudden stops. The ability to go miles without paying the slightest bit of attention. I don't think I was meant to drive.
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Oh for the love of....

If anyone can, will someone please explain why I thought it would be a good idea to read all of the Fault in Our Stars in one day?
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So, I definitely have my weaknesses. I've gone on before about my facial recognition problems. But, I do have strengths too, and one of them I have recently been exploring.

I have a mind like a bear trap for music. When searching on myspace music, I found a group of recordings called "Girl Scouts Greatest Hits" and have been going through them. Anyone who was a Scout knows that singing is a huge part of it, and the memories have been flooding back (On My Honor! Princess Pat! See dad, I told you that Taps had lyrics!). Prompted by this, I did a google search for two songs that I have had stuck in my head for more than ten years and have never seen referenced at all.

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So the Les Miserables trailer came out. So I watched it. Then listened to the 10th anniversary soundtrack for an hour. Then branched off, to Wicked and Guys and Dolls and Little Shop of Horrors.

I miss being on stage so badly. Even if the height of my "career" was a junior high school production of Macbeth, even the in class scenes and performances in high school were amazing. Drama was one of my favorite classes. The teacher was knowledgeable, most of my classmates engaged and extremely supportive.

And being on stage made me oddly confident. In my regular life I am extremely shy and hate being the center of attention. But on stage, I know that the person the audience is staring at isn't me.

In retrospect, I should have stayed in Drama longer in high school. Gone out for more of the plays and improv and not let myself be intimidated. Or at least taken Acting for Non Majors in college.
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Media this Year

Books read:

The Night Circus- 4.5/5- my interest dropped near the end, but otherwise I was utterly enthralled
Fear- 4/5 - latest in the series, more proof that the 10-14 is definitely not a content label
Confessions of a Prairie Bitch- 5/5 - Fabulous memoir by actress Alison Angrim
Every Patient Tells a Story- 5/5 - I actually had to check and see if this was the inspiration for House
Best Loved Folktales of the World- 4/5- amazing selection, but needs pictures.
How Not to Write a Novel- 4/5 - great guide to common mistakes, but seems pointed for the creation of by the rules fiction
Let the Right One In- 4/5
Where There is No Doctor- 5/5- village health care guide, incredibly useful and interesting

In Progress:
The Eyre Affair by Jasper Fforde
The Fairy Godmother by Mercedes Lackey
Musicophilia and Seeing Voices, both by Oliver Sacks

Movies seen:
The Muppet Movie- A
Cabin in the Woods- A
The Hunger Games- A, heretically, I almost feel the movie was better
The Full Monty- A
I am the Cheese- F (seriously, this was HORRIBLE)
Alice (2009 miniseries)- B
12 Monkeys- B+

TV Series Picked Up:
Once Upon a Time

TV Series Dropped:
Pan Am
Terra Nova
The Secret Circle
Prime Suspect
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(no subject)

Dear Developing Korra Fandom:

Unless you wish to surpass you're predecessor's trophy for asinine behavior and general stupidity- PLEASE WAIT UNTIL THE SHOW PREMIERES to commence your shipping wars.